Al Thompson
Former NFL lineman Brian Baldinger says exercise, diet and MHP supplements help him slow down the aging process.

Are you in your late 40s? Early 50s? Younger than that? Older than that? As humans we all age. If you want to preserve your youthfulness in both of mind and body, take note of what former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger has to say on the subject of aging and how you can slow down the process.

Here is a recent Q&A with one of the most versatile and heady lineman to ever play in the NFL.

“Baldy” spent his time in the League with the Cowboys, Eagles and Indianapolis Colts.

Q: Do believe that a person can keep a quality of life that is a youthful-like quality of life well into their 60s? If so what are some general dos and don’t s 

A: “I firmly believe that an individual can keep an energy level and extreme good health well into their 60’s. I expect that from myself. Some general dos and don’t s include..a keen awareness on sugar intake..everywhere we turn sugar is staring at us. The instant elimination of all soda is a good start. Pelligrino sparkling water is an excellent alternative. Eliminate late night eating and snacking..Our bodies don’t need anymore food after 8 pm. In inhibits our sleeping as well. Fast food can be avoided with better planning.”

Q: Can you talk about the importance of breakfast and what supplements you use as part of your morning meal?

A. My breakfast starts in my vita mixer..Leafy spinach..berries..citrus..and vegetables in a vita-mixer with ice and water and MHP WHEY PROTEIN. is an excellent start to the day..You can drink all at once or space it out over the course of the morning and it is filling,,,nutritious…and energizing

Q: You were a professional athlete and have life-long exercise habits that would not be fair to expect the rest of us to have. Can you share some daily exercise routines that a person will not feel is overwhelming after a few weeks…not that it would be easy, but a routine people can do and look forward to in the morning or after work and be able to maintain for a lifetime.

A. the basic exercises you learned as a kid never ever get old..push ups..sit ups..squats…all with NO weights can be done everyday and continue to strengthen you and keep you fit..If you have access to a gym..squats dead lifts..with light weights..with proper technique..can keep your muscle on..your frame firm..your blood circulating..for men and women both…45 minutes max..and if you want to eliminate rest in between exercise you can obtain a cardio workout and cut your gym time to around 30 minutes.

Q: Supplements – what do they do for you? and why?

A. I am hooked on MHP supplements and here is why.
Our food simply is not as nutritious as it once was. The fiber and the quality in foods isn’t the same when we didn’t have to feed a few more billion people as we do now..Whether its AMIDREN… which definitely increases testosterone production in men whose count decreases once we hit age 35 … Or RELIEVE …WHICH HELPS to oil your joints as we get older and the wear and tear of advancing age can begin the arthritic process in all of us..or ACTIVE SPORT..which helps us add amino acids to help us build and maintain muscle..Or even an 8 hour energy supplement that will immediately reduce your caffeine intake yet give you the energy levels we all desire to make it through our hectic days..without the side affects of caffeine.

Q: As you like all people, get older, what are your long term health goals?

A. My goals as I age are simple. I don’t want to succumb to age. I want the energy levels..the vitality..the pain free lifestyle I had when I was 30 going forward into my 50’s and 60’s.
And mentally I want to be every bit as sharp as when I was younger. Since I have been a proponent of MHP and the wide variety of their products over 8 months ago I am living proof that there is proof in MHP’s products.
The gospel truth. •

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  • Brett Mandes

    Thanks for the advice Brian…..

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