Power Plate is used at some of the top training facilities in the USA including Penn State.

Athletes at all levels are constantly looking for the latest cutting edge training techniques to increase athletic ability and outperform their competition. We lift plates, bars and bells. We stretch bands, jump over cones and run through ladders. We eat “special” proteins, calculate carbs and ingest sports drinks.

We run in the morning, lift in the evening and get in our 8 hours of sleep.
We do all this and more to get the body and brain to work together to achieve maximum performance and results.

Insert Whole Body Vibration Training. In the equation: f = m x a (force equals mass x acceleration), one can improve functional force, i.e. strength, power and stability, by adding either more mass or acceleration to the body to achieve that result. Traditionally mass is increased to improve that desired result, i.e., more plates on the bar or increased dumbbell size, where WBV uses increased acceleration.

Former Sixers great Allen Iverson used the Power Plate to train.

Former Sixers great Allen Iverson used the Power Plate to train.

Both are effective, but with acceleration training, the excessive loads, stress and impact to the body are greatly reduced. With this training, the muscle can be stimulated by vibration to contract 25 to 50 times per second!

Power Plate, is the leader in WBV and Acceleration Training. WBV machines are used in a variety of settings ranging from physical therapy centers, to fitness clubs and professional training facilities. The Power Plate is a valuable tool for maximizing athleticism before, during and after your workouts.

Here a just a few benefits of vibration training:
* Increased muscle mass

* Increased flexibility and balance

* Increase coordination

* Decrease in muscular pain

* Increased circulation

* Reduced recovery time

Top collegiate, Olympic and professional sport athletes use Acceleration Training in their programs and you can too. Craig Fitzgerald, the former Strength and Conditioning coach at Penn State and now with the Houston Texans said the Power Plate was a “key component” to the training program at Penn State and felt it gave them a “distinct training advantage” over their competition.

Here are a few 2014 Championship teams that use the Power Pate and WBV as part of their training programs.

* L A Kings

* San Antonio Spurs

* San Francisco Giants

* New England Patriots

By now you are asking yourself… but how can it really help me?!

Acceleration training can greatly increase your athletic ability in many ways.

It has been shown to:

* Increase speed

* Improve vertical jump

* Improve explosive strength and endurance

* Reduce injury risk

* Improve recovery time between work outs

* Increase muscle memory

If you are looking for a new training advantage, WBV and Acceleration Training will give you the edge against the competition. If you would like to know more about the Power Plate and Acceleration Training or would like to try one yourself, please feel free to e-mail me. You will be amazed at the feeling and the results!

Press on!

Brian is the manager of the Gym Source in Villanova, PA.
He writes on fitness and sports specific training and has been working with athletes of all levels for over 25yrs.
You can reach him at: or

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