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Was Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie the worst dancer on the Eagles this year? Players weigh in. Photo by Al Thompson

Media Day is the day for dumb questions like “Who has the worst hair on the team?” or “If you could be a dog, what kind of dog would you want to be?”

My dumb question? Who was the worst dancer this year? Choices were defensive tackle Fletcher Cox who tried and failed to do the “The Electric Slide” with teammates after an interception/TD during the
Eagles 31-3 win over the Chicago Bears, or Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie’s attempt at a hip-hop style dance routine in the locker room and on the field after each Eagles playoff win.

Lurie: “My only goal in those dance moves was not to embarrass myself, Lurie told the media horde around him Monday. “That was it and get out of there because I think I’m poorly focused and poorly trained in dance moves.”

OL Stefen Wisniewski: “I’m gonna go with Fletch,” Wisniewski said with a laugh. “I’m not going to make fun of the owner obviously…so I’ll go with Fletch.”

LB Nigel Bradham didn’t like the choices: “Can I go with Najee Goode? He is the worst dancer,” Bradham said with a smile. “I don’t want deal with [those other choices]. But Najee was definitely worse than Fletcher.”

LB Najee Goode was not cool with being thrown under the bus by Bradham. Goode admitted he looked ridiculous attempting to do the “Electric Slide” that day, but insists there were mitigating circumstances that made him look like he had two left feet.

“I am not the worst dancer on the team, not by far,” Goode claimed. “I’ve got moves they haven’t even seen yet. It kind of had a faulty thing after the pick-six and I was tired.
“I want to explain that (poor dancing) to the media,” Goode continued, warming up as his memory warmed up. “I was at the front of the line and I didn’t know where we were at in the dance. And on top of that too, we had caught and interception and it went 60 yards! If you saw me walk off the field it was because I was super tired and I was super thirsty.”

This Sunday Eagles fans hope Najee Goode and the rest of the Eagles are just Super.

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