Al Thompson
The Eagles were 5-1 in games Lane Johnson started, 2-8 in the ones he was out of lineup. Photo by Andy Lewis/

Every year we watch as athlete after athlete gets paraded in front of a camera to talk about his or her positive test for some kind of performance enhancing substance.

We get an apology most of the time, occasionally the athlete is defiant, but in end it is the same tired act.

Athletes must be held accountable for their actions with regards to PEDs no doubt, but is it really all on them?

Student-athletes in America and around the world for decades have grown up in an atmosphere of contradiction.

While most pro and top amateur sports drug test religiously today, there are massive conflicts in policy towards steroids from the “anything goes” policies of major strength competitions shown on television world-wide, to head-scratching decisions made at the White House.

In the July 2012 edition of the New Yorker Magazine, award-winning writer Burkhard Bilger wrote a piece on “The Arnold” Fit Expo and its steroid culture.

The enormously popular event is held in Columbus, Ohio every year and is owned and operated by Arnold Schwarzenegger (In 2014 and 2016 “The Arnold” was rebuked by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in separate resolutions for its lack of testing for steroids in its many strength events).

In the story Bilger talks about that contradiction:

“The bigger the body, the bigger the draw,” he wrote. “When it comes to steroids, public censure and private acceptance have tended to rise in parallel. In 1998, after Mark McGwire admitted to doping while setting his home-run record, he was attacked in the press and later blackballed from the Hall of Fame. But sales of steroids skyrocketed. Eight years earlier, George H. W. Bush had both criminalized the use of steroids and appointed Arnold Schwarzenegger—the world’s most famous steroid user—chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.”

If that is not enough to confuse any young athlete advancing in the world of sports about what is right or wrong with PEDs, what is?

What these conflicts have accomplished are to confirm we live in a society that teaches young athletes that steroids are OK, just don’t get caught.

 NJSIAA Executive Director Steven J. Timko says he would welcome a course on steroids and other performance enhancing substances including supplements. Photo from NJSIAA.

NJSIAA Executive Director Steven J. Timko says he would welcome a course on steroids and other performance enhancing substances including supplements. Photo from NJSIAA.

As they were preparing for the 2016 season, the Eagles learned their standout offensive tackle Lane Johnson was being suspended for the second time for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

His 10-game suspension would have a dramatic impact on an Eagles season that started with so much promise.

The Birds finished with a 7-9 record but were 5-1 in the games Johnson started and just 2-8 in the ones he was out of the lineup.

Johnson was distraught and lashed out at the league saying he bought the product he was suspended for online, not uncommon for players, and ran the label through the “Aegis” app provided by the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).

The League and the NFLPA informed Johnson and his agent Ken Sarnoff that it was his responsibility for anything his puts in his body and that he could have had the supplement lab-tested for free by the NFLPA.

His mistake also cost him quite a bit financially.

Last offseason, Johnson signed a five-year, $56-million contract that included a $10-million signing bonus and $35.5 million guaranteed. His base salary for the 2016 season was $675,000. He forfeited $421,875 of his pay and the suspension also nullified his guaranteed money.

Johnson admitted he felt some resentment from his teammates.

“I think some guys are disappointed,” Johnson said. “They felt I left them out to dry, and I did.”

He said there weren’t actual words spoken by his teammates, their disappointment was obvious.

“I just kind of felt it when I walked in,” Johnson said at his locker the week he came back. “But it’s over now, the past is past, all I can do is move on from it.”

Over the final two weeks of the season, you could see the anxiety on Johnson’s face after games and during media sessions in the locker room during the week.

He knew his suspension had a significant impact on the Eagles and their fans about the season.

“It weighs on my mind all the time,” Johnson said. “Even right now when I’m with the team. A lot of things could have happened differently with the season. I’m not saying one person could have done that much but I feel like I could have helped the team. I’ve been with the team four years and only played three.
“I kept ****ing myself up, shooting myself in the foot,” Johnson continued. “I have to learn, grow and mature…and get myself right.”

Since steroids and other performance enhancing drugs and substances found their way into athletics almost four decades ago, the only solution sports officials seemed to come up with is to test for steroids, then punish the athlete if he or she fails the test.

Daughin County coroner Graham Hetrick says the search for glory leads many young people down the path of illegal drugs including steroids. “Fame is the aphrodisiac for this whole thing.”  Photo by TJ Engler

Daughin County coroner Graham Hetrick says the search for glory leads many young people down the path of illegal drugs including steroids. “Fame is the aphrodisiac for this whole thing.”
Photo by TJ Engler

In the months leading up to the 2016 Olympics, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) suspended a massive amount of Russian athletes for testing positive for banned substances.

The Olympics are now going back and retesting athlete’s samples and suspending competitors from as far back as 2008.

The agencies that test cyclists have had breakthroughs in testing techniques to go along with extraordinary persistence, as was the case when multiple Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong was finally brought to justice for years of doping.

These are powerful steps for sure, but what is being done in the way of changing the corporate and academic culture towards steroid use, as well as passing on knowledge of the potential health risks that come from using PEDs and supplements?

“I think they’re getting educated now,” Johnson said when asked that question. “As you see more players getting popped, people are learning more. I don’t know about high school but in college they need to be educating. Hopefully I’ll be an example for everybody.”

Johnson said he is self-educating himself about drugs and supplements. And his answer is simple.

“I’m not taking anything,” Johnson said. “Just food. You can get everything you need from food. There’s a lot of healthy stuff for you that doesn’t taste good but helps.
“There’s a lot of stuff that causes inflammation in the body…red meat, milk…there’s really a lot of food you need to avoid. Inflammation is really the biggest factor for whether you feel good or bad. It’s such a long season. And you’re going to get banged up.”

What about high school? The only State that has a high school ruling body with a drug testing policy is New Jersey.

Unfortunately there have been contradictions there where there should be none.

In 2005, then Acting Governor Richard J. Codey issued Executive order No. 72 that contained 19 elements of a mandate that empowered the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) to “develop and implement a program of random testing for steroids of teams and individuals qualifying for championship games. This program shall commence with the 2006-2007 school year.”

NJSIAA Executive Director Steven J. Timko reports that his Athletic Association has complied with the Executive order and conducted testing for illegal PEDs since it was mandated by Governor Codey in 2005.

Timko’s testing policy was backed up by over six athletic directors and/or school officials throughout South Jersey.

Then there is the contradiction. The part of Executive Order 72 that pertains to the New Jersey Department of Education’s role with providing very specific educational information with regards to steroids and other illegal PEDs to coaches, athletic directors, trainers, student athletes and others in the scholastic athletic community appears to have never been implemented, at least to the level the Executive Order mandated.

While the NJSIAA has been testing student-athletes for over 10 years in compliance with Executive Order 72, the Department of Education has not done much of anything in the decade since it was created.

Those same Athletic Directors and officials – plus the NJSIAA – all stated, to the best of their knowledge, that there are no active programs in place to teach athletic directors, coaches, student-athletes and others about how steroids and supplements work, or the health risks involved with ingesting steroids and other PEDs as stipulated in the Executive Order.

The school officials all said the Department of Education did not provide any actual guest speakers at any schools to talk about steroid use and the risks involved as stipulated in the Executive order.

There was no mention of the Department of Education developing an actual training program for high school science teachers, student assistant coordinators and school nurses on the harmful effects of steroids and performance enhancers as stipulated in the Executive Order.

Officials at NJSIAA said the Department of Education never contacted them to “develop a mandatory steroids and nutritional supplements training program for all high school and middle school coaches. Such programs shall include workshops and expert speakers” as stipulated in the Executive Order.

These school officials all knew about the drug testing policy for steroids that was born with Executive Order 72 because the NJSIAA has enforced it.

While the officials all knew about drug testing, none of the ADs or officials spoken to – outside of the NJSIAA – said they had never heard of Executive Order 72.

Neither did the staff members of the elected officials who sponsored New Jersey Resolution Nos. AR212 & SR115 (co-sponsored by Assemblymen Daniel R. Benson, 14th District and Joe Danielsen, 17 District).

The resolution calls out organizations that promote and glorify steroid use such as Schwarzenegger and IMG, the massive sports marketing company that owns and operates the “World’s Strongest Man.” It also calls for education about PEDs at the high school level.

Why would they put that in the resolution if there was an Executive Order in place mandating the same thing already?

David Saenz Jr., Press Secretary for the NJ Department of Education did respond to questions about his department’s compliance of Executive Order 72, but could only come up with general policies in place by the Department of Education about all illegal drugs.

Saenz was unable to produce any real curriculum additions to teach about the potential health risks of steroid use that the Executive Order asked for.

Timko said he was happy with the program of testing student-athletes he has been enforcing.

“I think that sends a major message,” he said in a recent phone interview.

While it may send a major message about steroids, is there a message there for student athletes regarding supplements that can be legally purchased at a store or on line?

“I am open to anything that will help our student–athletes,” Timko said. “Right now there is something that we do with Drug Free Sports.”

Drug Free Sports has a website ( that Timko says parents can contact to get information about supplements and which ones could possibly produce a positive test.

The steroid testing by the NJSIAA over the years has not seen many student-athletes test positive. Timko is more weary of supplements, because it is legal to buy them.

“To me the thing that concerns me as much as kids that are doing steroids is supplements,” Timko said. “Kids can go into any [supplement] store and take something because they can buy it over the counter and think they are going to be okay if they are tested.”

Timko said he would welcome anything that helps kids learn about what they put in their body.

“Could there always be more information? No doubt,” Timko said. “Would a course or something be beneficial? No doubt. Would a curriculum in schools be helpful? No doubt.”

Governor John Kasich attended the dedication of a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose strength events have been rebuked in PA because of illegal PEDs and steroids.  Photo from

Governor John Kasich attended the dedication of a stature of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose strength events have been rebuked in PA because of illegal PEDs and steroids.
Photo from

Today’s student-athlete gets hit with conflicting messages every day.

Ohio Governor John Kasich openly approves of the rebuked Arnold Festival, normalizing what is basically a four-day event that glorifies the steroid culture.

Yet Governor Kascich supports programs that have to do with other illegal street drugs, just not steroids.

Schwarzenegger campaigned for Kasich’s run at the GOP Presidential nomination in 2015 & 16. Kasich in 2014 appeared at re-dedication of a giant statue of a young Schwarzenegger, in a full speedo body building pose.

The trickle down effect from endorsed events like “The Arnold and “World’s Strongest Man” owned by IMG Worldwide, are the hundreds of qualifiers for these strength events – that can touch any sport – that basically act as trade shows for young people to be introduced to the dark world of steroids.

A young person may be thinking…“It’s got to be OK if all these famous, powerful people and big companies back them…right?”

Daughin County (PA) coroner Graham Hetrick is a voice from the opposite direction.

Hetrick was the coroner who certified that professional strongman and Pennsylvania resident Mike Jenkins, a former NCAA college football player (JMU) who won “The Arnold” in 2012 and appeared in three consecutive “World’s Strongest Man” finals, had accidentally killed himself by poisoning his body from long term steroid use.

Jenkins died at the age of 31 of a massive heart episode in front of his wife on Thanksgiving Day 2013.

The events Jenkins competed in were all condemned in Pennsylvania (see previously mentioned resolutions) for their lack of steroid testing, rampant steroid use and high fatality rates.

Hetrick, after reading the 2014 resolution, pulled no punches when he talked about the people and organizations that allow and/or promote steroid use.

“It’s certain that long term use of steroids is going to injure the body,” Hetrick told Footballstories. “And if it’s certain and you’re encouraging people to do it, it’s no different than someone standing on a street corner and selling illicit drugs…and we put them in jail. It’s the same potential, you know you are distributing something that is going to do them great harm.”

Hetrick said the allure of movie stardom enjoyed by steroid-fueled actors such as Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, is the carrot that drives many people towards the “Dark Side,” a common term used by steroid users to describe those who have taken the plunge.

“Fame is the aphrodisiac for this whole thing,” Hetrick said.

Thomas A. Dwyer-MD, FAAOS, Orthopedic Surgeon says courses for high school and college student-athletes to learn about steroids and other performance enhancing substances including supplements "absolutely critical." Photo by Andy Lewis/

Thomas A. Dwyer-MD, FAAOS, Orthopedic Surgeon says courses for high school and college student-athletes to learn about steroids and other performance enhancing substances including supplements “absolutely critical.” Photo by Andy Lewis/

Dr. Thomas A. Dwyer an orthopedic surgeon and the President/CEO of Premier Orthopaedic Associates of South Jersey echoed the need for a tougher, more consistent stance on steroids.

When asked about the need for specific educational programs about PEDs in high schools, Dr. Dwyer didn’t hesitate.

“It is absolutely critical,” said Dr. Dwyer, who volunteers as a team doctor for several South Jersey high school athletic programs. “An educational course would particularly help at the high school level.
It could be re-enforced at the college level. I don’t know if Lane Johnson knew what he was doing or what was going on when he got in trouble but I think these kinds of courses should be mandatory for high school, college and NFL players.”

Johnson has filed civil action against the NFL and the NFL Players Association in federal court with a motion to vacate the arbitration award concerning his 10-game suspension.

Johnson was asked if he hoped the NFL would be more consistent in the way it handles it substance abuse policies and provide better education in the future.

“Yes,” the 6-foot-5, 320-pounder said. “Hopefully things will change in 2020 (the year their current agreement expires) because when you look at major league baseball, you don’t see very many people suspended. When you look at the NFL you see different guys get suspended every week.”

Johnson said there are so many things banned or regulated by the NFL, it is better to just go 100 percent with diet.

The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplements. The manufacturer can put anything in their products and there is nothing much an athlete can do except abstain.

“It’s dangerous for us NFL guys,” Johnson said. “If you look at guys lockers after practice, there’s s**t in everybody’s locker. I think a lot of things are going to change with that.”

Unfortunately for Johnson and so many other young, talented athletes, that change may be a pipe dream. *

Al Thompson is Footballstories Editor-in-Chief. He is also the founder of the PA-based non-profit POYS (Protect Our Youth from Steroids) and contributed to the writing of the resolutions in PA and NJ.
Follow him on Twitter @thompsoniii

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тёлок топят в сперме эротические фотосеких звёзд русских фото ебля с парнями мужиков фото бaбушки пися книга любви игра понька картинки сиськи подругу фото за лапает подросток частное эро фото пожилых женщин воробей раскраска Женские белье еротическое пеньюары фото Порево фото анал юных девки киска фото смотреть фото голые жен про частушки зубы фото в попе и страпон писи и дылдо пыают девшку секс на фото полно фото девушек в трусиках с прокладками голих кращі дівчaт фото инсцес мама сын фото Секс жен истории Как играть в майнкрафт игра проект висячее вымя зрелой тетки фото фото сучек красивих ебут фото голых телок с мобильных преамбула что это подросток фото мамочку ебет шикарная пизда фото зрелых ььь лет с инцест сынам мне 55 фото фото девушек в ливчике у зеркала и сосут у член фото жены мужа нет руфото порно фото на медосмотре девушек Мама учит заниматса сексам фото как бреют писю фото Родари сказки по телефону картинки порно иныцес жестко ебет дочь фото галерея лейзбийское порно фото Как сделать ссылки на другие страницы русская жена сосет члне фото у мужа плохая спермограмма Краснотурьинск фото Порно гусаром с фото смачного домашнього сексу пороно фото у врача Комбинированные платья игровой центр для детей отверстиля анальные фото фото порно аналы девушек порно фото печора и Порно галерея фотографии между порно братом сестрой секс фото и фото Самые возбуждющие фото порно зрел женщ Порнорассказы читать с фото трансексуалов онлайн фильмы порно фото гей пацанов шорох порнофото натальи в тхуй фото жопе ребенка близка порно фото целки голие мамкины письки фотогалереи жоское.порнн.и.фото смотреть порно фото красивых девушек в латексе мужчины бисексуалы фото онлайн порно подсмотрел за мамой порно порнозвезды www фото фотографии зрелых женщин порно фото близняшки брюнетки эротика фото Ahryn astin фото в чулках эромикс фото фотогалерея всех жоп группа школьниц порно Порно фото секс женская тюрьма про и рассказы порнофото групповухи нагнулась фото девушка молодая раком фото знойные женщины в белье онлайн масленица фильм порно порно фото русские порно актрисы волосатую киску свою я люблю часное фото ласкать 300 крайслер с порно русское мама ругает сына смотреть порно мулатки анал жене фото моей на сперма Писает в лес фото Фантастические порно онлайн мультики мулатки в коже порно фото городская 5 поликлиника фото фингеринг фото секс школьниц анальный фото толстых хуев в пизде Поза чтобы сфотографироваться голой фото сиськастых тёщ эротические дробязко маргарита фото крупных прелестей женских фото фото аппетитные порнодевушки пожилая тётя фото.порево он кончает пизду фото в качественное порно видео инцест фото ебля и в рот и жопу фото голые девушки курящие во фото сперма порно фото в трахнул та пизду пока сола влюбленных порно пар порно фото каматусты 69 поз система синонимы порно фото телок ростовский порно звезды нарезка трусов..фото без японки ретро красивая сиська фото секс фото негры и белые большую жопу порно раком Фото каталог поставщиков моложих фото порно девок смотреть порно ролики куни девушек на Фото сперма домашних щеках у синяк обыкновенный Жирные самки порно фото секс грудь фото острая русских фото знаменитых секс фото анал в бане телочек порнофото голых красивых трибестан инструкция цена Суджа женскии порно фотографии скачать море спермы во влагалище фото крупно куклы-кувадки фото Трусики в под юбкой фото мини сперме зарошая самая фото вагина интимные домашние порно фото русский миньет со спермой частное фото фото обнaжeнных дeвушeк со спeрмой ворту и нa aнусe я дрочу фото видео русское садо порно мазо Лизуны по принуждению видео фото частные фото голых мам средние размеры хуя Когалым порно фото груди 3 размер член сосут журнале фото девушек которые за в оценки плохие педагога порнофото галереи попы жестокий миньет к на лицо фотографиях молодые минет сперма фото Домашнее фото женщин с большими жопами раком с facella сексуальная franziska фото формами привлекательными красивая фото дтп велосипед реестр экспертов техников минюст 2016 жінки фото еротика жанна фриске фото трусы сняла фото софи дии оладки на кефірі молодой маши фото порно фото секса муже при Самые эрофото пример считать как менструационный цикл проститутки строгино с фото Порно русских женщин в возрасте от 35 до 49 фото жесткое подробное страхают как порнофото галереи фото девушки секс домашнее русское порно женщин фото сексфото будка мардж Лиза симпсоны порно видео фото отменного секс качества фото новогодние фото брюнеток вид сзади галерия фото болшой еротика жопа член фото ебет киску Спанчбоб порно мультик фото волосатой подмышек пизды и скачать женщины эротика пышных домашняя фото девушки удовлетворяют друг друга фото фотомодели анал фото английски дизайн по порно звезды девушки фото и имя анкеты michaela a фото kalimera секс фото чьорних большая мясистая срака фото порно фото телок с короткой стрижкой фото как занимаются сексом по разному порно фото девушек краденые Фотосеты jayden jaymes Игры 2015 года на PC скачать через торрент любительские фото видео посетителей порно русские моей фото жены гуляющей порно Фото зрелых сучек в чулках частное эро фото зрелых дам Вірші фото скачать Фото в чулках жена с мужем изменяют друг другу Эро фото иркутск онлайн картинки порно в колготках частные без фото но трусиков Лучшие порно звезды люблю в жопу фото Голая девчка фото тест кто ты из фиксиков ru gp track фото в с трах одежды попку элементами фото от интим знаменитостей в раздвигают 30 женщины 35 ножки летние стрингах фото жаны фриске фото пизда нормальными с порно сиськами Эротьическое мам фото фото проституток питера онлайн фото люди как занимаются сексам заднице в два члена фото фото самые красивые и большие члены пиздв парнуха эротика фото с мальчиками. дам фото богатеньких порно показать фото парня молодого как прут Фото рот в порно до слез фото анал зрелые женщиныи фото порно смотреть мамаш голых фото Джейди джеймс порно фото Сулин Красный спеман форте фото девушки вьетнамки порно ямайские жопы фото порно ванессой с морган фото заявления образец челябинск 10 погода на порнофото дрочки сестру оттрахал порно фото Фото ебут и ебут порно фото и картины фото зрелые женщины красивые русские голые Фото кончина во влагалище песни лободы слушать порно фото ножки и киски фото голая тётушка родная играть в карты коврик паук косынка и др игры бесплатно кухня марк фото Лучший анал пороно смотреть фото туба девушка фото сестри фото брата та секс геи порнуха фото смотрет лысые промежности фото