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Super Bowl hero Graham suffers Achilles tear - the beloved defensive end's career could be in jeopardy

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham is the picture of dejection after suffering what has been reported as an Achilles tear in the second quarter of Sunday's 17-11 loss to the San Francisco 49ers at the Linc. Photo by Andy Lewis.

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham and right guard Brandon Brooks left Sunday's 17-11 loss against the San Francisco 49ers after suffering significant injuries.

According to multiple sources, the initial diagnosis for Graham is a torn Achilles. Brooks is believed to have suffered a pectoral injury. Brooks was scheduled to undergo testing on Monday.

Brooks' injury does not seem to be a season-ending injury. Graham's injury will almost certainly end his season and it has to be Achilles could end the 33-year-old's career.

Teammate after teammate came to the post-game press conference and talked about Graham's injury.

“It’s terrible,” said All Pro offensive tackle Lane Johnson, who seem visibly shaken talking about Graham. “He’s probably one of the greatest humans that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with and competing with for eight, going on nine years. He’s really the heartbeat of this team by the way that he conducts himself, the way that he leads, and the way that he plays. I’m not sure what the extent of the injury is, but I’m heartbroken for him.”

Johnson also spoke about Brooks suffering an injury. The two make up one of the best guard-tackle combinations in the NFL

“You can’t replace those type of players,” Johnson said. “Younger guys have to step up, and we have to press on. It’s terrible because Brooks is one of my best friends, he’s been the best guard in the league for a long time, and he was doing well so far this season. Not having him out there is a tremendous loss for us. Having him out there might have been the difference between us winning and losing.”

Linebacker Alex Singleton was asked about how difficult it was watching Brandon Graham go down with his injury.

“Just hearing Fletch talk about it. That is obviously one of our captains. That is huge. That emotional leader. You guys all know him,” Singleton said. “He always has a smile on his face and is always doing the right things.”

Singleton talked about how Graham kept encouraging him as he found his way into the lineup.

“I remember when I was still on the practice squad and he was the guy everyday telling me I would play some day,” Singleton said. “He is that guy for this team and he’ll still be that guy. That’s the best part about him; that we might lose him on the field, but we won’t lose him in the room and in the building.”

On how it will be replacing Brandon Graham in the huddle:

“The other team probably won’t hear as much before plays,” He laughed. “It is going to be huge. He knows what is going on. He is a vet and he’s been here forever. He is just that leader. Like I said, we are going to get to have him pretty much all the time except on Sundays, so I think that’s going to be huge because of the person he is.”

Fletcher Cox talked about losing a teammate to injury that he has been close to for a decade.

““I mean, it’s always tough and it was a pretty emotional moment for me to see BG limp off the field because I think me and BG – I know me and Brandon have played so much ball together and to see him walk off the field was pretty rough for me,” Cox said. “But we know Brandon, he’s in a good spot right now and we’ll talk once he figures out what’s going on. At the same time, we got his back and we’ll go from there and get ready for the next game.”

Cox talked about how hard it is to have an emotional moment like the injury then have to play:

“It’s just one of those things,” he said. “It’s football and things happen, you know? People get hurt, players get hurt, the best get hurt. BG has been my locker mate since I got here and now we still get to laugh and talk about things, it’s just he won’t be on the field on Sunday, it’ll be in the locker room. So, I’m looking forward to that and making sure he stays in a good place.”

Eagles second round pick Landon Dickerson made his Eagles debut Sunday at right guard against the 48ers after Brandon Brooks went down with a Pec injury. Photo by Andy Lewis.

Rookie second round pick Landon Dickerson came in for Brooks. Johnson was asked how the oft-injured former Alabama All American fared.

“I have to go back and watch the film, but I think he adjusted well during the second half,” Johnson said. “He’s a massive human being and when he starts figuring it out, he’s so strong and big that I think he can hold his own. We have to go back and watch the tape. I think we could have done a lot better there in the first half, especially on the goal line. We had opportunities to punch it in for touchdowns, and we didn’t. When you play a good team like that’s the difference between winning and losing.”

On how much practice time he has had with Landon Dickerson:

“The first time that I got to practice with Landon was this week. I’ll get more reps with him this week, or maybe Herbie [G Nate Herbig]. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Really this past week was the first week that I got some reps with Landon.”

Graham posted this message on social media: "We still about to shock the world! I will just be leading from the sidelines this year working to be great for 2022. Appreciate all the love and now it is time for guys to step it up. U have to find the treasure in every situation!”

If anyone can come back from an injury like this, it's Brandon Graham. *

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