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Trash talking during NFL games is common and the Super Bowl will not be any different.

Eagles center Jason Kelce said at this press conference he is not against some good -natured mind games against his brother., neither were his teammates. Photo by Al Thompson

PHOENIX: Super Bowl Media week has been laced with great stories about players and coaches of the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

One of the more heartwarming stories this week has been about, for the first time in Super Bowl history two brothers will face off against each other.

\Jason Kelce, the All Pro center for the Eagles and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, currently considered the best in the business at his position, will not be in the field at the same time but are opponents none-the-less.

That logistical fact made it easy for their mother, Donna, who at the Opening Night event at the Footprint Center in Phoenix said she would cheer loudly for “whoever has the ball.”

While that is a really nice story, all Eagles fans care about is beating the Chiefs and taking off from school or work for a parade.

The Chiefs offense revolves around Patrick Mahomes and his many targets. The top target in his arsenal is Travis Kelce.

Kelce can, and has, broken the backs of many a defense during his ten-year career in Kansas City.

Eagles fans could care less about who mom loves more or who beat who in a driveway basketball game in their back yard in Cleveland Heights, Ohio…this is the Super Bowl!

Travis will be the main focus for the Eagles defense for use.

Eagles fans know how crucial it can be if a receiver drops that one pass…just bring up the Alshon Jeffery drop against New Orleans in 2019 when the Eagles were defending Super Bowl champions. His drop of a near perfect pass in the fourth quarter from Nick Foles sealed the loss for Birds.

Kansas City Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce was the center of attention at every press conference this week. Photo by Al Thompson.

Eagles’ safety Marcus Epps will one of several defenders tasked with keeping Travis in check.

“Great player,” Epps said of the 6-foot-5, 250-pounder. “He’s one of the best tight ends to play the game I think. His play speaks for itself. He’s had a Hall of Fame career. We’re going to have to do a good job with what the coach’s scheme up.”

Epps was asked if he planned to get any dirt on Travis during practices this week.

“I didn’t ask him that,” Epps said with a laugh. ”Maybe I should though.”

Well, Kelce was asked that questions during a media session this week at the Eagles Hotel on the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass on the outskirts of Phoenix.

“I haven’t mentioned anything as far as head games yet but that’s not a bad idea,” Jason said with a bit of brotherly, devilish smile, his mind seemed already at work. “I like that. I wish I knew how to slow him down. I think every defensive coordinator wishes they knew how to slow him down.”

At this point, Jason is reminded it does not matter how fast his brother is, all he needs to do is drop a crucial pass.

“That’s right,” Jason said. “We just need a couple [drops) to go our way….maybe I will share a couple things.”

T.J. Edwards was asked if he would like to get some gossip to throw at Travis to possibly get him off his game…even to affect just one drop…

“There definitely is,” Edwards said. “I think at this point you take any information you get get. If I had to pick a guy that I would give info to, it would probably be Brandon Graham. He will make sure you hear it.

I think if I heard that info he’s the first guy I’d tell that info to.”

Would Edwards be in favor of a meeting about getting embarrassing info on Travis?

“One hundred percent,” Edwards said. “[We could] stay late after a meeting to go after that.

Eagles linebacker T.J. Edwards said he wants Brandon Graham to leading the trash talking during Super Bowl game. Photo by Al THompson

But to me, BG and [Fletcher Cox] Fletch would be the best for that.”

Chiefs all-everything center Creed Humphrey laughed when told Jason might give the Eagles defense some trash-talking material. “Hopefully not.”

Eagles heart-and-soul defensive end said he was already gathering info on his teammate’s talented brother.

“If I do get that information, I ain’t going to let you know,” Graham said laughing. “I do know we have a lot of fun out there. Last night (Opening night where both teams are together) was the start of watching little stuff he (Travis) do that I can pick up on myself. At the end of the day, it’s a game. And I want to make sure we’re having fun through it all.”

Trash-talking all the way to a parade. *

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