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Eagles cornerback Darius Slay had orthroscopic surgery Saturday and is out for at least the Seattle game Monday night. Photo by Andy Lewis

NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported Saturday that CB Darius Slay had arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

At his last press conference before the team leaves for Seattle, head coach Nick Sirianni was asked to confirm the surgery and what his plans are to replace his starting corner..

"Yes," the coach said. "What's our plan? We’ve got the right guys in place."

That is as far as the coach would go in explaining his plans..."Got the right guys. Got the right guys," he repeated.

When asked how long he expects Slay to be out, Sirianni simply said..."We'll see."

When asked about his approach to the defensive side of the football as a head coach was going to be since his background is on the offensive side of the ball.

"Again, my job as the head coach is to make sure that the things I do demand are the ones that are going to get done," Sirianni said. "Again, I hired these guys to do a job, so there are just things I know offensively that are tough to deal with defensively. So that's kind of my approach there, as I've told you guys.

"Does it change?" he continued. "Yeah, everything is in a constant change. Everything is in a constant change. You can always change your schemes. You can always change your schedules. You're always adjusting those things, right? You're always adjusting those things to put the best product on the field.

"The things that stay consistent are your culture, your attention to detail, connect, compete, accountability, football IQ, fundamentals. So, definitely there are things that change as we go.

"And then, again, I say there’s things I demand but that changes based off of -- because it comes down to the players and what they do well. When I say that, too, a lot of that is situationally and what things are a little bit more difficult for the offense to handle."

Safety Reed Blankenship is expected to play after clearing concussion protocal.

Linebacker Zach Cunningham has not practiced at all this week. On Saturday's injury report, he was listed as out for the Seattle game.

Sirianni said he has had enough time to adjust to losing Slay. It remains to be seen how he reacts to all the other injury headaches facing this team.

Starting right guard Cam Jurgens' status is not great for starting Monday night in Seattle. Photo by Andy Lewis

Right guard is still up in air since Cam Jurgens was injured in the Dallas game last week. He was replaced by Jack Driscoll, who normally comes in behind Lane Johnson at right tackle.

Jurgens was listed as "did not practice" all week and was listed Saturday as out.

Jurgens was seen walking around the locker room Saturday...not showing any discomfort. His injury was listed as a pec injury. But apparenty the second-year center/guard had not made enough progress.

Sirianni was asked about the status at right guard.

"Yeah, I like the practice that Tyler (Steen) and Sua (Opeta) have had this week," Sirianni said. "We'll see on Cam. He's feeling better every day. He's doing a good job of rehabbing.

"Again, like the depth that we have at the offensive line. We've seen Jack Driscoll come in at a critical time to play good football. Sua has done well in critical football. We won a big game with Tyler Steen. I think we've won with all these guys in the lineup, got the right guys in place and feel good and confident with those guys if Cam can't go, but we'll see with that."

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