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Interview with Camden WR/DB Hamin Anderson Jr. In the Anderson Family, nothing beats hard work

Hamin Anderson Jr. has been working with Chad Hallet at Adrenaline Sports Training facility in Cherry Hill for nearly a decade. The hard work is starting to pay off. Photo by Chad Hallet.

Whether your passion is music, writing, medicine, sports or working in the business world, success only comes from hard work.

There are many great stories about how hard work translated into something special.

It looks like the great football program at Camden High in South Jersey, led by Dwayne Savage, is pulling back the curtain on another diamond he has molded into a budding star.

Junior wide receiver/Defensive back Hamin Anderson, Jr. has emerged as a player Panther opponents are stuck dealing with every weekend this season.

Savage is the center of the Camden program, but players need support in many areas, especially from the home.

In a recent phone interview Hamin Anderson Sr., and his son talked to Footballstories about how Anderson, Jr is already drawing attention from FBS college programs.

“I feel blessed,” Anderson, the father, said. “I feel privileged to be his parent. God's been good to me and my family. We started this when he was five years old. Now we're starting to reap the benefits from all the hard work he's been putting in. It seems like forever”

Anderson said he son started playing organized football with the Gloucester Township Stallions when he was a preteen

Hamin Anderson Jr. reports he has received a scholarship offer from Temple University. Photo courtesy of the Anderson family.

Anderson, Sr. said he always wanted to make sure his son enjoyed playing and wasn't doing it just to please him.

“When he was younger, I would put it on him, push it on him,” Anderson admitted. “At one point we sat down as a family and asked him if this is something he really wanted to do. Did he want to walk away from the game now or continue. He made the decision he wanted to continue.”

The elder Anderson continued.

“I see he loves football,” he said. “I can see the look in his eyes when we talk about football or when he's getting prepared to go to practice. I can see it's something he wants to do.”

Anderson started taking his son Hamin to Chad Hallett's training facility Adrenaline in Cherry Hill at an early age.

“He's been there training with Chad since he was six or seven year's old,” Anderson Sr. said. “We wanted to prepare his strength and conditioning and get prepared for the game.” Anderson, Sr. was asked about monitoring his son's training to make sure he maintained good joint health and not over training. Anderson Sr. said his son takes part in other sports at Camden but only at the recreational level.

“We pay attention to [his training]," Anderson Sr said. “I take him to chiropractors and orthopedics. We also see sports medicine doctors.”

Hamin Anderson Jr. is a junior defensive back and wide receiver for the Camden Panthers

“Right now my primary position is defensive back,” Anderson Jr said. “But I'm an athlete and I can play any position my team needs me at. But I want to play in college and my primary focus is defense, DB.”

Anderson informs he has received a scholarship offer from Temple University, an FBS program that plays in the respected American Athletic Conference.

It should not be a surprise Temple reached out to Anderson, Jr. first.

Hamin Anderson Jr. believes that, despite a slow start, the Panthers could make a run at a Group 2 Championship. Photo courtesy of the Anderson family.

Former Camden and Temple standout safety Sean Chandler is now in his fifth NFL season. Chandler was signed by the New York Football Giants in 2018 as a rookie free agent.

The 25-year-old played three seasons for Big Blue before moving on to the Carolina Panthers where he has played the last two seasons.

“I worked out with him over at Adrenaline,” Anderson, Jr. said. “He's a great guy.”

Anderson Jr. talked about his mental approach when he is out on the field and if he talks to coach Savage about that approach

“Me personally, I like to play with a lot of swag,” said Anderson, Jr., who lists Los Angeles Rams All Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey as the NFL player he admires most . “Our coaches say the same. Come out with swag and energy. I don't like to play flat. If you come out and play flat-footed, you're going to possibly lose. So I come out hard and strong.”

The 5-foot-10, 175 pounder was asked if he considers himself a lock-down corner, a cover corner or a run-stopping safety?

“I can really do anything,” Anderson, Jr. said. “I can do anything my team needs me to do. I can lock-down, I can cover, I can tackle. I can do it all.”

Anderson added, “I always tell my coach I am going to him 100 percent each time I go on the field.”

Anderson Jr talked about his teammates including quarterback Luis Ward (Sr, 5-10, 195 pounds) and WR/RB/DB Terron Davis (5-9, 160 pounds) plus his linemen Adrian Coleman (6-4, 290), Maasai King (-4, 305), freshman Israel Banks and Jamire Nicks. “There's a lot of them,” Anderson, Jr said with a laugh. “I really appreciate my line.”

The Panthers (No. 18) were off to a 2-3 start after dropping a 22-20 overtime verdict to No. 10 Winslow Township.

Anderson Jr. believes his team can regroup in time for a run in the South Group 2 postseason tournament.

“Absolutely!” Anderson Jr said with enthusiasm. “I think we can build a lot of momentum up. I believe in me and my boys that we can take it really far. All are goals now are to win the state championship. That's what is really on our minds. But you have to take it game-by-game, little-by-little.”

Anderson Jr. has kept his word. The Panthers have won two straight since the loss to Winslow Township.

Don't bet against the Panthers. It's tough to beat hard work. *

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8. Shawnee (4-2)

9. Woodrow Wilson (4-2)

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11. Winslow Township (5-2)

12. Woodbury (7-0)

13. Camden (4-3)

14. Paulsboro (5-1)

15. Holy Spirit (3-3)

16. Salem (5-1)

17. Burlington Township (5-1)

18. Willingboro 4-2

19. Pennsauken 5-2

20. Haddonfield 5-2

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