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Brian Baldinger - On the Eagles

The Eagles are 3-6-1. A very disappointing record in a very disappointing season in a turbulent COVID-driven year.

There are lots of contributing factors to the disappointment with the gang over at NovaCare.

But it always starts and stops with the QB. It always has, going as far back as I can recall when Roman Gabriel was being booed loudly at Franklin Field.

If in a normal season, a packed house could fill Lincoln Financial Field the boos cascading down towards Carson would rain as loud as any quarterback that has played in Philadelphia.

Never mind that every quarterback that has ever suited up for the Birds has heard them at some point or another in their career.

But Carson is regressing in ways that no one saw coming or can reasonably explain..Over the past four games, (NYG, DALLAS, NYG, CLEVELAND) he is the lowest rated QB in the league.

This column will not inundate you with stats. An Eagle fan doesn't need any stats to see how mightily he is struggling.

I think the Eagles have to make a change in direction while the season is still very much in the balance with six games remaining. But it won't be unless a change is made.

Carson needs to sit the Seattle game out.

Not a benching, just a sit and watch and learn. There is a great benefit to it.

In 2010, the Green Bay Packers were led by Aaron Rodgers. He was good, and the team was good. But he wasn't what Aaron Rodgers has become in 2010.

In week 14 of that season, the Pack were 8-4 going into Detroit. He was concussed in the first half that day and the Packers, led by Matt Flynn in reserve, couldn't do much as the team lost 10-7 and slipped to 8-5.

Baldy believes sitting Carson for a game could help him get his form back. Photo by Andy Lewis.

Aaron Rodgers was ruled out for a Monday Night Game the following week against the Patriots. Flynn played well but the Packers lost 31-27 to fall to 8-6. The Packers were very much on the outside of the Playoff picture looking in.

But there was a real benefit to Rodgers missing that week 15 contest against the Patriots.

Part of the protocol for a severe concussion is to spend a lot of time in a dark room. Out of the light. So Rodgers did just that. But he used his time wisely. he spent his days visualizing the offense and where he was struggling to play better inside the offense.

He said the week away from football allowed him to really crystallize what the offense is supposed to look like.

He has said it was the biggest reason why they had the success they had the rest of the way.

In week 16 he returned to the lineup and threw for over 400 yards and four touchdowns.with no turnovers as the Packers blew out the NY Giants.

They would not lose another game on their way to a Super Bowl victory in Dallas against the Steelers and a worthy MVP for Aaron Rodgers

I think a week away right now could benefit Carson in the same way. He physically is the same player that once had people talking about him as a real MVP candidate.

Here is what Coach Baldy would do starting with Seattle.

would start Jalen Hurts. I just watched PJ Walker and Taysom Hill both play very well last Sunday and lead their teams to victory using their strengths.

I would do the same with Hurts.

I would become a running football team. I would move Jason Peters to right guard where they have struggled. I would insert Jordan Mailata at left tackle.

I would play a lot of one back and two tight end sets where both Dallas Goedert and Richard Rodgers are adequate.

I would use Matt Pryor and Jack Driscoll as third tackles. I would run an offense similar to what the Ravens run with Lamar Jackson and what Cam Newton is running with the Patriots.

I would be a run-first offense up and down the field and try to possess the ball as long as possible and play keep away from Russell Wilson and his offense.

I would throw it off of bootleg, play action, and roll protections giving Jalen either/or reads.

If he doesn't like what he sees he can have the green light to run.

The strength of the offensive line is their run blocking. Let the Eagles COOK with Milke Sanders, Boston Scott, Jalen Hurts, and a variety of receiver sweeps and reverses. I would do everything to win one game vs. Seattle. Beat a quality team, and keep the team in the playoff hunt.

Stop the bleeding for now. Get a good feeling back at NovaCare Building. After the victory I would evaluate the quarterback position and figure out what makes the most sense to win the most games to position oneself for the postseason for the fourth year in a row.

If they don't do this NOW, they will regret it. They can't just hope that Carson can just flip the proverbial switch and his trust and belief and anticipation and accuracy is all of a sudden just returning to 2017 form. I don't see that happening.

The Eagles need a drastic change now, before it gets too late. And when they turn it around there will be plenty of time and games for Carson to prove his worth.

Drastic times require drastic measures. Run the football utilizing Jalen hurts considerable skills, before you run out of the 2020 season. *

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